Simple Earring Guide

2164091_origMany do not know that there are certain earrings that compliment facial features better than others. Take a look at this simple guide before you start experimenting with your look. It can save you a lot of buyers remorse later on!

Get Away Earmuffs, Headsets, and Other Ear Protection. Look Sleek and Sexy

ear protectionEvery girl knows that the biggest trick to making yourself look good isn’t about what you wear, or how you wear it. You can stock your wardrobe with the best fitting, most complimenting pieces of clothing, and that is great and all, but you will be missing a vital factor that is going to end up leaving you bummed and look lacking from head to toe.

The most important point to a wardrobe is filling it with pieces that compliment you, depending on the occasion. That means sleek swimsuits when you are going to the beach, cute shorts when its hot, comfy sweaters when its cold, and shoes for every occasion in between. That’s the tricky part, and a lot of us fail, but that is why you are here, to remedy this.

In my experience, there are a few specific occasions that really stand out to me, as being the most notorious for this, and those are occasions that require anything to mess with the upper head or hair. It really sucks, because we spend a lot of time on our hair and want to show it off, and although hats can compliment the look to a degree, when you start adding bulky extra’s like headpieces and earmuffs, it can really hinder the look.

When Will This Be an Issue?

There are a few occasions that this is going to come up, especially if you are a southern belle. First and foremost, is when you are shooting guns. Now, you can look pretty sweet with some epic shooting gloves and the best shooting glasses can really bring out the badass look, but that all goes away once you throw on those funky looking headsets. Another situation is when you are going to a noisy event, for instance a race track, a football arena, or a concert.

What Are Your Options?

So here are your options, depending on your preferences. First, you can forgo the bulk and simply wear earplugs. This eliminates the fuss entirely and saves your ears, and also has the added bonus of being the cheapest solution by a mile. The problem with earplugs is that they aren’t perfect, can feel weird, they eliminate all noise(even wanted noises like voices), and are just a pain to keep track of.

Your second option are passive, noise canceling headsets. These aren’t quite as bulky as some of the more expensive electronic headsets, because they are minimalistic and are more comfortable, but they still do mess with your look. To get the best look while wearing these, make sure you purchase ones with a low profile, the thinner the top strip the less the bulk. Finding ones like these, that are durable and still do the job, is difficult, and they will be more expensive, so plan accordingly.

The final option is to purchase electronic headsets. Technology has come a long way since I was a kid, you can now use electronic headsets to completely filter out unwanted noises and keep the wanted noises. For instance you can have a conversation with somebody next to you as if you weren’t wearing your headset, and yet the filter will completely block out a fireworks display. Pretty crazy huh? The downside here is that the better the quality of filter, the pricier. It also requires more moving parts to filter better, which means bulkier, and like all things if you want the same quality in a smaller package, it’s going to cost you a lot more. Some of the best headsets for domestic use can cost you as much as $300!

What Should You Do?

What you ultimately decide to do is entirely up to you, but what I do is go for an expensive, low profile passive headset. These cost about $50 and they aren’t bulky at all. It’s very rare that I’m going to need to converse with someone in a loud environment and need to hear them perfectly. On top of that, the passive noise filtering that some of these earmuffs have will actually allow voices in to a certain extent, and the quality is good enough to have a conversation yet still save your ears. Try these and keep your look!