April 21, 2012

dinner party

It was furniture building day, and for once I didn't curse Ikea and their blasted allen keys. I did however, curse the ass who was supposed to pick up a couch FOR FREE that I posted on Kijiji. She emailed me 15 minutes before she was supposed to show up, saying she changed her mind because of cat allergies. I told the idiot in the first of 8 emails that we had cats so that this very thing wouldn't happen. And she said "nope, we aren't allergic". Anyway, The new playroom looks fantastic, and most importantly, Gia LOVES it. She had a great time playing with her new stuff, and like a typical baby, all the boxes that were scattered around.

Tonight, we went to a dinner party at a friends house. I had to break out the boots again, as my toes are long overdue for another pedicure. Let me just say that I'm really proud of myself for mixing patterns. It is not something I normally do, but this sweater makes me want to. I think I'll try find some more patterned cardi's in Montreal tomorrow. 

Cardi: Sfera (see it again here)
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Aldo...now on sale!
Necklace: bought in Dominican Republic

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  1. People no-showing for buys is one of my Kijiji pet peeves. Those people suck. Most of the complaints I see about Kijiji have to do not with the system, but the inconsiderate people they meet when trying to make a decent deal. Glad to see your night wasn't ruined, though.