May 28, 2012

channeling my inner kim

From the fluro tee and shoes, to the facial expressions that read "I hate having my picture taken" I feel like I'm embodying Kim today. Although I'm sure she'd have spent the 10 minutes required to do her hair. I was up at 3am with the little, and couldn't have been bothered.
I also cannot seem to be able to remove the stickers from these damn shoes. I find it inexplicably annoying when people leave stickers on their shoes (or tags on scarves, and on the arms of winter wool coats).

tee: Simons
shorts: 10 year old jeans from Jacob that are 3 sizes too big, so I cut 'em into cute shorts
shoes: Aldo
bracelets: Mango and a baby bracelet
watch: Fossil
nailpolish: Essie "lilacism"

1 comment:

  1. LOL - I cracked up when i saw the title, even before i got to the intro where i then wanted to smack you upside the head.

    last photo = too cute with Pugley hiding in the background.