May 24, 2012

this weeks purchases

In lieu of an outfit post (I'm currently bloggin' poolside so today looks almost identical to yesterday), I bring you my purchases that arrived this week. 

Kim brought my new shoes to the cottage this past weekend. I haven't worn them yet, and I really hope they are comfy, because the look of them screams "blisters". They were only $18 so I rolled the dice. You know what's awesome? Kim refused my attempt at paying her for them.  Big sisters are great!
(I think it's still her guilt about not inviting me to the trunk show a few weeks back. Or not inviting me on an upcoming outing that I would have so been down for.)
Next, my Simon's order came. I had to send a few basic layering tanks back, and also a striped shirt as I didn't realize the knot meant a gigantic hole that showed my stretch marks stomach. But I did score a few items on sale or for cheap.

colorblock tee - $18
probably sold out as it was $3...but here's one similar
flower earrings - $6
bandeau twist one piece - $40
gray belt - $20


  1. LOVE that t-shirt!!!

    (what upcoming outing? - tattoo?)

  2. I thought of you when I saw it!

  3. And since we're going to the place in Orleans, it's close to you Jen!