June 26, 2012

ball pits & karma

Gia and I headed out to Cosmic today for an afternoon of fun in the ball pits. I have so much fun playing with this kid of mine. Today was filled with super mega belly laughs as she discovered the fun of being swung around and dragged through the pit by her arms and legs. Lemme tell ya, you don't need the gym when a day can be spent chasing and playing with an energetic toddler. And it's much more rewarding. Also rewarding, is the feeling of good karma for turning in to the front desk a $20 bill I found on the floor. They looked at me like I was crazy when I said " in case someone comes looking for it" but I know the good will come back to me.

(the iPhone case giveaway from Exotic Grain closes tonight at midnight so make sure to get your entry in!)

On me:
Zara tee & jeans, Aldo sandals, Fossil watch, bracelet made by World Vision kids from Africa

On Gia:
JoeFresh tee, Old Navy leggings, baby Converse


  1. Hey! Look at you in the outdoors! :)

    1. it took forever to get these shots. apparently the remote for the camera does not like to work in natural light!