June 13, 2012

a day in MTL

The last 24 hours have been a blast, and a much needed break. Foster the People were amazing live. They were so full of energy and put on an awesome show, mostly because they didn't dub in parts of the record and instead went banana's to recreate the same sound. And lemme just say that Kimbra blew me away. She's just so fun. The highlight of the show was her, and her band, joining Foster the People on stage for Warrior. There must have been 10 of 'em up there doing their thing, and it was great. 

Now back to today...we slept in a bit (7:30 is real late for us!) and headed out for breakfast and shopping on St. Catherine. We took a wrong turn on our way to H&M and came across a store with THE BEST sale of all time. But more on that tomorrow when I take some pics of all my purchases. Then husband left me to do my thing for a few hours and I lazily browsed through shop after shop, all the while people watching from behind the safety of my sunglasses!

tee: Kimbra concert tee from last night
jeans: Zara
belt: Simons
bag: Aldo
Old Navy flip flops (I know, I know...but my feet were sore from 3 hours of dancing in wellies!)

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