June 22, 2012

friday at the office

It was a little difficult picking something to wear to work today. The heat has me wanting to wear the least (or lightest) amount of clothes possible - without getting arrested. I decided to wear shorts today. I don't own many shorts, and what I do have are all denim, so I figured the shorts below were at least not denim, but still a bit inappropriately short. But TOO BAD because I have been melting for 3 days and there was no way I was wearing pants. No worries though because I was far from the only one who decided on shorts today. I figured I'd pair them with a sequin top to distract everyone from the length of the shorts. 

shorts ~ H&M
top ~ H&M {last seen here}
flats ~ Aldo (on sale!) {last seen here}
necklace ~ H&M
bracelet ~ Etsy shop Adita

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