June 25, 2012

more of the same

I'm so sick of dining room self portraits. They are so boring to take, and very boring to edit. It's the only spot in my house that will accommodate my tripod. The light shines in from the patio doors and makes one side of me always too bright. I'd love to be able to head out and take pics in the great outdoors, with cool buildings, fields, and anything visually interesting as the backdrop. But I can't seem to figure out how to make that happen and it seems like a large waste of time to actually do it. I couldn't imagine Gia being very patient with me while I scout locations, adjust camera settings, and snap away.

(Tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveaway from Exotic Grain!)

blouse: Mango
jeans: H&M
wedges & purse: Aldo
leather cuff: super old gift (aka I stole it from someone)
bracelets: gifts from Nigeria and Italy
ring: F21


  1. Well, I know you're sick of it but you do always take cute pics at the cottage when not at home... so they're not ALL the same! :) You could do some pics in your front or back yard (unless you're in a condo)

    LOVE this outfit. Very Fresh.

    1. thanks!
      i think i'll give the back yard a whirl.

  2. great outfit!
    yeah, can't you just stick gia in some sort of play thing and do the pics on your front porch or back deck?

    1. hmmm, the "play thing" won't work but maybe she'd pose with me!

  3. kim - look whose talking...we gotta find some different locations for your photo shoots too...