June 28, 2012

new shoes

I took advantage of online sales and picked up a couple pairs of shoes recently. But before I tell you about them, there are supposed to be 2 other pairs here but I had to ask for a refund. Let me explain. 
I have browsed the online shop Gravity Pope for at least a year now, mostly because they're Canadian, but have never ordered anything. They have some sale shoes right now that are SUPER cheap so I picked out a cute pair of converse flats (HERE) for $10 and some Ash sandals marked down to $20 from $180 (HERE). Great prices right? Then I find out their shipping is $15 for the first pair and $5 more for the second. These days most sites offer free shipping so I was already kind of irritated by paying $20 shipping but since they were so cheap I bit the bullet and ordered them. 3 days later I get an email saying the converse "weren't available" and if I wanted to find something else or continue with the order and accept a refund for those. So I would be paying $20 for the sandals and paying $15 shipping. I told them I wanted a full refund and to keep their damn shoes. I just checked the website now and they STILL show that they have a 8.5 which is what I ordered. AND never once did they apologize. I won't be ordering from Gravity Pope anytime soon. 

The same day, the 18th, I found a pair of flats on Little Burgundy Shoes that I had my eye on for months at about 65% off (HERE). I decided to get those too. 4 days later I received an email stating "We are still in the process of locating the item(s) below and the merchandise will be shipped to you as soon as possible." WTF???? 6 days later I finally get an email saying they've been shipped. UNREAL. They arrived today - 10 days later. 

Last night I was thinking about how Shopbop was offering an extra 15% off their sale stuff, and that I had spotted some VERY cool Jeffrey Campbell Arizona Python booties on for 70% off recently. I bit the bullet thanks to the Gravity Pope fiasco and decided to get them (at 5:26 pm). This was the first time I chose the "pay import and duty fees up front" option which is great cause then UPS will just drop your parcel at your door. And they're FREE shipping. And OMG when I got home today at 5pm they has just been delivered! That's a bit less than 24 hours and they came from Wisconsin. I LOVE YOU SHOPBOP!! (even if I have to pay import/duty fees) And I LOVE MY NEW BOOTIES!!!