June 29, 2012

off to the races!

We're heading out to celebrate one of our bestest friends birthday at the local racetrack. He's chartered a big yellow school bus to take us all there. His girlfriend prepped some jello shots and I can sense the debauchery that will ensue! This night is gonna be awesome! I've never been to see the races before, but am more excited for the buffet and conversation.
Getting dressed was a challenge. I really do not own anything dressy, and what few dresses I did try on did not seem right for tonight. I keep thinking "polo match" (floppy hats!) instead of "casino with a friggin buffet and penny slots"! So I gave up trying, threw on jeans pants (since they're mint we're calling em pants tonight!).

We're picking up Gia from her sleepover bright and early tomorrow then heading on up to the cottage for Canada Day! We're have a few parties planned and I'm sure it's going to be a perfect weekend. I hope yours is too!

tee: H&M
jeans: Zara
shoes: JoeFresh...FOR $9!!!
necklaces: Mango & Magpie
watch: Fossil
bracelets: Urban Behavior
purse: Aldo

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