June 11, 2012


I'm disappointed I don't have time to properly photograph this outfit 'cause I really like it. But I had daycare visits this morning, a boatload of cleaning to do, then I'm off to spend the rest of this gorgeous day pool side at my parents. But first I'm going to sit for 5 minutes with a coffee and try to calm my nerves at the thought of leaving Gia at a daycare. I feel a panic attack coming. I know its probably all in my head, but I think Gia feels it too as she's been extra cuddly all morning.

On me:
Old Navy chambray shirt, Gap tee, AE shorts, Aldo sandals

On Gia:
H&M tee, Old Navy shorts, Crocs

1 comment:

  1. daycare is the hardest. Pool + a drink might help you calm your nerves.