June 12, 2012

so bummed

I think I may have blogged these shoes before.

They are by See by Chloe and I've been pinning over them for a while now. I've avoided ordering them because they I found them on Net-a-Porter, an American site and I'm trying to avoid shopping at non-Canadian stores. But OMG they are now 70% off and they have a size 9! (I'm a 8.5 but that will do). Having never ordered from this site before I went through the whole shopping cart process, curious to see what my total would be. These shoes are now $106.50, and would cost me $165 with taxes, duty and the $22.50 they insist on charging for shipping (oh, and they note that you MUST be home to accept the package - ????). So Net-a-Porter, you can take these gorgeous sandals and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR A**!!!


  1. That so sucks! Boo:( Sometimes I really hate US shopping sites.

  2. I wonder if you could get around all the BS by sending it to the Ogdensburg UPS store? I haven't tried this service before, but I'm seriously considering it ...


    just a thought, Linda

  3. i've heard of that service before but i don't really care for the idea of jumping through hoops for American companies who want to rip me off. Now if Canadians would just OPEN SOME DECENT ONLINE STORES this wouldn't be an issue!