June 14, 2012

style exchange

While wandering around husband and I stumbled into a store I hadn't heard of before...Style Exchange. We had a look around and were about to leave when I spotted a rack of True Religion jeans. I can't afford denim at that price, but I always like to look. The sales girl came over to inform me that they were having a "buy one, get one free" sale on everything in the store. Say WHAT??? My jaw must have dropped because she smiled and said "lets get you your size". So I wandered all through the store collecting jeans by J Brand, True Religion, Miss Sixty, Rich & Skinny, and Paige. I just couldn't resist a sale like this. Finally, my denim world no longer revolves around Gap. It's been a nice, cheap ride, but I now see what all the fuss with these brands is about! I came away with a pair of Miss Sixty Heaven jeans (reg $239) and True Religion Stacey jeans (reg $195...for FREE!).

(thank you sales girl for being patient with me as I behaved like a kid in a candy store, and thanks for shoving your hand down my pants to make sure my jeans fit properly. You're a doll!)

(so ya know...the sale is still on, and shipping within Canada and to the US is really cheap!)


  1. welcome to the dark side.
    (but you bought like, identical jeans??)

  2. LOL! I was just wondering that myself, Kim. (I perused their site last night and got all excited but the photos on their site are pretty crappy...). Either way, I'm jealous.

  3. In person they are quite different...at least one shade darker:-)