June 21, 2012

this weeks purchases

Originally I did not intend for this to be a regular blog series, but apparently my shopping addiction cannot be stopped. I just hope my husband isn't reading! I did a little shopping the other night before meeting a friend for drinks and here's what I picked up.

First up...shorts from American Eagle. They were buy one get one for $10 and, unlike the shorts everywhere else, actually cover my bum cheeks. What is with all the short shorts out there? I'm getting pretty annoyed of all the bums being paraded around in barely there bottoms.

denim trouser
destroyed light denim

I can't find links to these three from Zara. I've been looking for mint jeans for a while, and these fit amazing and were only $39. I know some people are saying that the days of colored denim are over, but I really couldn't care less.

And lastly, a cute blouse perfect for scorching days (but I'll need to wear a tank under) and a little mirror for my purse. I'm amazed that this is all I bought at Forever 21.

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  1. Yup - I have those mint jeans. One of my favs. Those are the ones that Kim has in yellow.

  2. How do you all feel about the whole quality vs. quantity debate?

    1. a little bit from side a and a little from side b. i say go for quantity and once you've got what you need, go for quality. for the extras.

    2. My budget doesn't really allow for expensive/designer clothing and even if it did, I don't get a lot of wear out of my clothes. I get tired of most everything fairly easily so it makes sense for me to buy cheaper items that are more or less disposable. However, as I get older I'm starting to buy a few items here or there that are more expensive and better quality knowing that they will be around long enough to justify their price.