June 21, 2012

thursday at the office

It's sweltering here in Ottawa again today so I wore my lightest pants (they honestly feel like I'm walking around pant-less they're so light) and lightest t-shirt. And all that so I could also wear my new flatforms that I adore. I also thought the 40 degree heat warranted clipping my hair up. My half-bald head appreciated that decision, especially now while I sit here at home sans A/C melting in my leather office chair (but I have a towel under my ass to sop up the mess). How's that for a visual? ;)

t-shirt ~ not sure, from Holt Renfrew
pants ~ 2 Two {last seen here - with the t-shirt above again I just realized - I need more white shirts}
flatforms ~ Joe Fresh via my local grocery store {last seen here}
necklace & rose ring ~ H&M
bracelet ~ via Heavens to Betsy


  1. Your hair looks SO GOOD back.
    Are those shoes comfy! The few pairs i've bought from Joe hurt.

  2. thanks!
    they are VERY comfortable - likely cause they're pretty simple shoes and basically flat.