March 31, 2012

spring bags

Today flew by, and now it's night time and I haven't yet gotten around to taking pics. It's not like you're missing much anyway so I'm not feeling too bad about it.

With spring here, I'm in search of a new bag. I do not use a diaper bag as I don't see the point in lugging it and a purse around. So any bag I buy needs to be big enough for all my crap, and versatile enough for any outfit as I'm not about to swap the contents to a matching bag on a daily basis. It also must be a cross-body bag so I can be hands free, and so it will fit over the handles of G's stroller. Oh how my life has changed! Anyway, here are some of the contenders....

Anthropologie: Kakapo Tote

ASOS: Bright Bowler
Little Burgundy: Deperte
Forever 21: Colorblocked Leatherette Handbag

shopping for an imac

I have wanted an iMac for a while. If I have to have a computer in my home, it's gotta look hot. And iMac's are as hot as a computer is going to get. I finally bit the bullet and took one home today. I find it odd that they only have 21" and 27". Why not like, 24"? That would have been perfect. I settled for a 21" because the 27" is massive and I'd have to sit 5' away from my desk to avoid going cross-eyed (no more working on a laptop at the dining table!). Instead of buying a gorgeous Chloe handbag, I bought an iMac. Amazingly had I bought the handbag I would have spent more.

(P.S. Next time I'll try not to cut my feet off)
coat ~ F21{last seen here}
sweater ~ Club Monaco (old) {last seen here}
shirt ~ Gap (old) {also last seen here}
jeans ~ William Rast via Holt Renfrew {last seen here}
boots ~ Frye via Holt Renfrew
bag ~ Aldo {last seen here}
scarf ~ A Twist of Fate
ring ~ BCBG

March 30, 2012

new jeffrey campbell shoes

I found a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I'm digging right now. The first is a cut-out bootie called the Tripoli that is pretty hard-core with all the buckles, so right up my alley. (Find them at Solestruck)

Then a pair of heels that are a totally different vibe yet still funky, the Soiree. I saw these the other day on a site (can't remember which) and they were sold out, but I just found them on Karmaloop and EnviShoes (and they're an AWESOME price).

Along the same lines as above is the Jehens, that I found at Nordstroms.

my latest handbag obsession

I have had an obsession with Balenciaga handbags for some time now (I mentioned it here among a few other posts) and while I still do, I think there is a handbag I may like a tiny bit more. I have recently totally fallen in love with Chloe bags. Insert *GASP* here because these bags, my friends, are as expensive if not slightly more than Balenciagas. The leather looks SO AMAZING and there are a couple styles that I reeeeeeeally covet - the Marcie first (love the horseshoe shape) and foremost, then the Paratay. (Sorry no outfit post today - I only went out for groceries in jeans, sweatshirt, Frye boots and F21 parka so you didn't miss anything).

And when I saw Chiara with one in a recent post, I started feeling faint. Yep, I like this bag.


I'm so happy it's Friday, and the end of March. My husband has been doing crazy overtime to make up for his trip to Vegas and so he's been working late and on weekends all month. Add to that Gia's decision to take only one nap a day, plus the colds we all seem to have had for weeks have made for one friggin' long month.

So I look forward to a fun filled weekend, with lazy mornings and adventures in the sun. I hope you all have an awesome weekend too!

I love how G's thighs haven't quite caught up to the chunkiness that is her waistline and calves...baggy in some parts, and skin tight in others. I adore baby chub!

On Jen:
Jeans: Old Navy
Cardi: JoeFresh
Tank: Old on sale
Boots: Aldo
Watch: Fossil
Cuff Bracelet: purchased in the Bahamas

On Gianna:
Cardi: H&M
Tank: Zara...hand me down!
Jeggings: Old Navy
Boots: Walmart